A festival I have declared as one of the best smaller-scale festivals I’ve ever done, Highlife Festival is a festival I will 100% be going to again and would recommend to anyone. That being said, even festival fanatics need tips every now and then to get the most from their festival experience. Here are my 6 tips for Highlife Festival in Matakana, New Zealand.

Highlife Festival Tip #1 – Dress To Impress

Highlife Festival prides itself on being the ‘Ibiza of Matakana.’ With it’s slightly older clientele and less rowdy crowd, it’s a fantastic festival for the more seasoned festival goer. With this in mind, dress up a bit! By this I don’t mean fancy dress! Wear that festival outfit that’s ‘too nice for R&V but too festivally for a night out on the town’. Highlife is a fantastic excuse to wear your nicer festival outfits. Boys – wear a shirt or a nice T-shirt and chino shorts, leave the singlets, flip flops and sports gear at home for this one!

Highlife Festival Tip #2 – Pre-drink

I always recommend that you pre drink before any day festival. Not only is pre drinking a great way to save money at a music festival, but it’s a long day and you want to have let your guard down and have some Dutch courage to be first on the dancefloor when you arrive. In saying that, if you have too many before you arrive and are a little too pissed, you could be refused entry – and rightfully so… This is not a festival for those that want a messy, rowdy night!

Highlife Festival Tip #3 – Don’t worry about being ‘double parked

Ok, so I know I just said pre drink before you arrive, but having to buy multiple drinks at once and spending your day performing a balancing act with your drinks will not be an issue at Highlife! The queues at the bars were non existent – they were short, quick and easy to navigate your way to the front of. This means there is no need to buy multiple drinks at once, just enjoy your drink and go back when you want another!

Highlife Festival Tip #4 – Buy your festival tickets in advance

Like with most festivals, you need to buy tickets in advance. Last time, Highlife sold out before the event date and the ‘Last minute Larry’s’ were on Facebook hunting for spare tickets. The earlier you buy your festival tickets, usually, the cheaper they are!

You can buy tickets here > https://highlifenye.co.nz/ (Not an affiliate link BTW)

Highlife Festival Tip #5 – Take a jumper and hat

As with most festivals, during the day it’s hot and sunny but then once the sun dips below the horizon, temperatures drop and you find that even with a beer jacket, you will wish you brought an actual jacket. I always recommend taking a hat and sunglasses for the daytime and a jumper or jacket for the evenings.

Highlife Festival Tip #6 – Get to the busses early or arrange a Taxi/Private Bus

Busses at the end of any festival are always a little hectic. If you are planning to get one of the busses arranged by the festival, I would suggest you dip out a little before the end of the festival and make your way to the bus pick up point early to avoid standing in the queue for a long time.

Alternatively, why not arrange your own bus or private taxi? I did this and it was a great option if you are in a group.

Happy Highlife!