Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘That Festival Blogger’ where I challenge you to dream big, spend small!

I’m Sophie, 25 and currently living in London. After finishing my degree at Bournemouth University, I had no clue what career path to take, or what job I wanted to do; So, after I dabbled in my fair share of different jobs, I found my current role in marketing and felt it was time to try and do something alongside it which I really wanted to do. Blogging!

I have always loved traveling and going to festivals in the UK and abroad so thought that I should start writing about all the wonderful places I have had the privilege to visit as well as all the incredible festivals I have gone to around the world. People always ask for my advice on which festivals to go to, what to take, what to expect and what to wear and it made me think that this was the perfect way to communicate with fellow festival lovers and travel enthusiasts.

I hope that my blog will inform and inspire you to take on your own adventure and go to some of the incredible festivals on offer around the world. I love seeing all of your pictures and posts on Instagram, so use #thatfestivalblogger so that I can have a look and get to know you!

If you want to collaborate or get in touch click here.



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