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How To Spend A Weekend In Cornwall, UK

Whether you are going for a weekend in Summer or Winter, Cornwall is a beautiful way to spend a long weekend and explore some of the amazing coastline the UK has to offer. With beautiful beaches. amazing eateries, wonderful walks, and cozy pubs – what’s not to love?

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0800 PHONEHOME – Never Lose Your Friends At A Festival Again

With 0800PHONEHOME you can access and call your top contacts from any phone in the UK! What happens if you’re ‘out out’ or at a music festival and you lose your phone or your battery dies? Maybe you have been separated from your friends and don’t know their number… You can now call your contacts from any phone in the UK just by dialing 0800 PhoneHome. No memorizing phone numbers or worrying about bad cell service. Get peace of mind knowing you can always call your friends if you get separated from them or need help when out and about.

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Travelling long-haul during COVID-19

Wonder what it’s like to travel long haul during COVID-19? This post talks all about my journey to New Zealand with Emirates and what it was like to travel amidst a global pandemic.

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My Travel Repertoire

I have been privileged enough to travel to some incredible places around the world and this is a post to show off my travelling repertoire. So go on, click, read and explore!

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How To Spend A Weekend In Dublin, Ireland

Having never been to Ireland before I was so excited to finally be going to the Emerald Isle. Dublin was everything I had hoped it would be. Cobbled streets, gorgeous architecture, friendly people, delicious food and drink and of course loads to do and see. I only spent 3 days there so crammed as much as I could into my little weekend away.

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How To Spend A Weekend In Polzeath, Cornwall

Every summer since I can remember I have gone to New Polzeath in Cornwall without fail. Polzeath is beautiful. It has a sandy beach, fantastic surfing, great cafés and restaurants and absolutely stunning scenery; it really is perfect for a British summer holiday.

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