Never been to Electric Avenue Festival before? Don’t worry – I asked Electric Av veterans for their advice and have gathered some amazing Tips for Electric Avenue Festival first-timers to make sure your festival experience is everything you could hope for!

Celebrating all things music, art and culture, Christchurch once again opens its gates to Electric Avenue Festival. Set in the stunning Hagley Park and playing host to artists like Sub Focus, Flume, Teaks, Summer Thieves and more… it’s a festival that’s high on everyone’s festival bucket list ( including my New Zealand Festival Bucket List!) Having never been before it got me thinking, I wonder whether there are some little tips and hacks that we should know about? After speaking to these Electric Av pro’s, I’M GLAD I ASKED!

Tips for Electric Avenue Festival

FESTIVAL TIP #1 – Go Early

Get to the festival when the gates open. It means you will avoid long lines and can check out the local up-and-coming talent that plays earlier in the day. 💬 whickencing

FESTIVAL TIP #2 – Bring An Empty Water Bottle

A tip I would always recommend for any Day Festival…

Bring an empty water bottle because you don’t want to leave the rail right before your favourite artist comes on just to grab a cup of water. 💬 shanxamarie

FESTIVAL TIP #3 – Use Sun Cream

The weather may look overcast and cloudy, but it is deceiving – this is when you will burn without realizing and no one wants festival tan lines or burnt shoulders the next day!
💬 Jo Warner

FESTIVAL TIP #4 – Wear Comfy Shoes

You want to be able to last all day and dance all night! 💬 Lisa Frank

FESTIVAL TIP #5 – Pack A Poncho

Take a Poncho and buy it weeks before the festival because if you end up needing one, so will 50,000 other people! 💬

FESTIVAL TIP #6 – Get Your Wristband In Advance

Get your wristband the afternoon before and have it uploaded with money before the day. That way you can make the most of the music!! 💬 venture_withus

FESTIVAL TIP #7 – Be Prepared For ALL Weather

Even if it’s not forecast for rain, bring a waterproof anyway! They’re a good way to keep warm in the evenings too if it gets chilly. 💬 cutekiwifruit

FESTIVAL TIP #8 – Go To Every Stage ( Big and Small)

Try and go to all the stages! Even the smaller ones, you never know what cool new music or upcoming artist you’ll find, and Paul is all about supporting local artists.

FESTIVAL TIP #9 – Plan Ahead

Plan out the sets you’re interested in seeing in advance.

FESTIVAL TIP #10 – Adopt the Portaloo ‘Hover Method’

If you can’t avoid the festival toilets, then this tip is for you > They put the handles on the Portaloo doors for a reason. If it gets bad, hang and hover.

FESTIVAL TIP #11 – Get High (UP)

Ride on somebodies shoulders! Hell of a view.

FESTIVAL TIP #12 – Set A Meeting Point

If you lose your friends, have a meet-up point. 

FESTIVAL TIP #13 – Eating IS NOT Cheating

Eat a good meal and stay hydrated, even if you’re sober it can be a LONG day!

FESTIVAL TIP #14 – Bring Tissues / Wipes

Bring wipes or tissues in case the portaloos run out of toilet paper or you want to freshen up and wipe off your sunscreen once the sun goes down!


Mini tissue pack, mini deodorant, mini sunscreen, mini water bottle, ChapStick etc in a mini backpack! Carrying everything around all day isn’t fun.

FESTIVAL TIP #16 – Follow The P.L.U.R Principle

Rave culture is all about PLUR! Peace Love Unity Respect – everyone will have an epic day if we all follow the PLUR way of life! For example, when trying to get to the front, gently say excuse me and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get there!
💬paul.on.a.pole ( TIPS 8-16)

FESTIVAL TIP #17 – Cash In Your Cups

It’s always good to be eco-friendly at a festival and it’s great to see Electric Avenue Festi going one step further.

Electric Avenue Festival has an awesome incentive that keeps the park clean and also gets you cash throughout the day by collecting the drink cups and returning them to the booth – win-win for all! 💬 lilybourne145

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this post! It’s always great to get advice for a festival, even if you have been to it before or been going to festivals for years, tips & hacks are always helpful!

Have you been to Electric Avenue and have a tip that’s not mentioned? Let me and your fellow festi-goers know about it in the comments.


Feature image by Ingmar Wein Photography