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Welcome to That Festival Blogger – The worldwide festival blog! This is a space where I challenge you to dream big, spend small!

About That Festival Blogger!

I’m Sophie, the women behind the alias ‘That Festival Blogger’, a festival fanatic and experienced Marketer now living in New Zealand. I started my blog back in 2018 after noticing that there was a real lack of festival-specific websites that had online content which could advise, inspire and inform festival fanatics just like me! I remember scouring the internet for information about festival style, camping tips, festival packing lists and general festival advice/reviews when thinking about going to my first festival. After a lot of deliberating, and worrying about being dyslexic and blogging, I started That Festival Blogger with no clue whether it would be successful, but hoping that it would help inform and inspire others to take on their own adventure and go to some of the incredible festivals on offer around the world.

Why Festivals?

Festivals for me are a truly unique and special experience, unlike anything else you will ever encounter. Festivals bring people together from all walks of life, do not discriminate, and are open spaces for everyone to express their true and creative selves.

I have always loved travelling and experiencing the magic of festivals all over the world, and now having been on the festival fan bus for over a decade, people always come to me for my advice on which festivals to go to, what to pack for a festival, what to expect, or what to wear and so why not communicate this with fellow festival lovers and travel junkies!

The most important thing to me is that I am creating content you love, so please always feel free to drop me a message with a blog you’d like to read, an idea for a collaboration, or any questions you might have. I also love seeing all of your pictures and festi posts on Instagram, or Twitter so use #thatfestivalblogger so that I can have a look and get to know you on your adventures!


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