UK Festivals


Are festivals in the UK as good as those abroad?

The answer to that is … Hell Yeh! 

The UK has some truly incredible festivals which really do rival those overseas. Yes the USA has Coachella and Burning Man, Belgium has Tomorrowland, Hungary has Sziget, Germany has Oktoberfest and Spain has Benicassim, but we have so many others that I feel are incredible in their own way! The UK has Glastonbury, Wilderness, Lattitude, Isle of White, V Festival, Bestival, Creamfields, Secret Garden Party, T-in-the-Park, and Wireless to name a few.

British festivals have a certain charm which I love. There is always such a mixture of ethnicities, cultures, and personalities at British festivals which only adds to their appeal. Whenever I have gone to a British festival something amazing happens… everyone talks to one another, and people help each other; festivals really do bring people together! 

The other thing I love about British festivals is that when it comes to clothes… ANYTHING GOES! 

I really mean this! You can wear fancy dress, sequins, feathers, vintage threads or swimwear and no one bats an eye. 

As a born and bred Londoner, I am slightly biased but I can safely say I love British festivals! Have a look through all the amazing festivals I have been able to go to, and send me any recommendations as I am always keen to do more.