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How To Avoid Festival Toilets. My Alternatives

Not all festivals toilets area created equal. Some are really not that bad, whereas others are dirty, smelly and frankly DISGUSTING. Loaded with the knowledge of my festival toilet alternatives in this post, you can see how to avoid festival toilets all together!

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How To NOT Lose Your Phone At A Festival!

So far (touch wood) I have never lost my phone at a festival! Don’t get me wrong, I have made some festival mistakes and have misplaced money, tokens and whatever else, but so far luckily, I’ve never lost my phone. In this post I will be passing on my winning ways to make sure you keep hold of your mobile and leave the festival with it at the end!

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New Zealand Managed Isolation Packing List

Travelling to New Zealand and about to go into Managed Isolation? Wondering what things you should bring with you for your stay? This post lists my top 10 must-have items which I brought with me that have been real life savers!

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Travelling long-haul during COVID-19

Wonder what it’s like to travel long haul during COVID-19? This post talks all about my journey to New Zealand with Emirates and what it was like to travel amidst a global pandemic.

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Keep Calm & Carry On During COVID-19 – My Top Tips

Amongst all the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19 and with the ever tightening rules on social distancing, it’s important to keep busy and keep calm during this tricky and uncertain time. Looking after our mental health is just as important as keeping physically fit, so use my little tips to help you through this difficult time!

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Being Dyslexic and Blogging

Discover how I started blogging after struggling with overcoming my initial fears about being Dyslexic. Plus, see what tools you can use to give you the confidence boost to start your own blog!

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Caravan Renovation – Part 1

Last year Joss and I managed to get our hands on a second hand, 5-berth, Sprite Major caravan and since then have spent our weekends trying to get it ready for its first outing in a few weeks.  On a small budget, see how we got it from grime to shine!

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