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Lindisfarne Festival – FAQ & Press Release

Labelling it’s self a ‘Little festival with a big mission’ Lindisfarne Festival returns with a bang this September. A festival which aims to bring people together from all walks of life, this festival wants you to escape from reality and celebrate some of life’s greatest treasures: music, art, nature and above all else – people. What’s not to love?

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New Zealand Managed Isolation Packing List

Travelling to New Zealand and about to go into Managed Isolation? Wondering what things you should bring with you for your stay? This post lists my top 10 must-have items which I brought with me that have been real life savers!

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My 5 Glastonbury Festival Mistakes

Having never been to Glastonbury before, it was always inevitable I was going to make some mistakes, but first times are always there to iron out the kinks – but it means I can tell you what not to do so you don’t make the same mistakes as me when you take on the beast that is Glastonbury… You’re welcome!

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Citadel Festival Review

Say hello to Citadel Festival, the ‘perfect soundtrack to your Sunday’. Read all about the music, the food, the venue and more from this fabulous day festival plonked in the middle of West London!

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Being Dyslexic and Blogging

Discover how I started blogging after struggling with overcoming my initial fears about being Dyslexic. Plus, see what tools you can use to give you the confidence boost to start your own blog!

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Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival was one that I had heard such good things about but never actually been to. Voted the UK’s best major festival of 2017, it combines music, film, theatre, dance and much much more to create an atmosphere like no other.

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