Festival Essentials: A-Z

Line-ups are starting to appear, tickets are selling out already and you are frantically booking time off work and arranging your finances to be able to go to all the festivals you have your eye on this year.  Although every festival is different, there are certain things which I think are essential to know for any festival you go to. Have a look at my Festival Packing List and follow my simple Festival Essentials so you will be ready to rock it this festival season.

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Top 10 Tips – How to get Tomorrowland & Glastonbury Tickets!

Getting a Glastonbury or Tomorrowland ticket seems to get more and more difficult every year. I sometimes think it would be easier to get a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Read my Top 10 Tips below and hopefully, it will improve your chances of getting your hands on a Tomorrowland or Glastonbury ticket this year!

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Being Dyslexic and Blogging

This is a topic I have thought about covering for a while now. But being dyslexic and starting a blog where everyone judges, not just the content, but also the quality of the writing, grammar, and punctuation, gave me slight heart palpitations. This post is different from all my others. It’s a more personal, and I hope an inspirational piece, which could help others that feel they need a push to start a blog when faced with the label ‘dyslexic’. 

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Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival was one that I had heard such good things about but never actually been to. Deep in the Suffolk countryside, Latitude prides itself on being voted the UK’s best major festival of 2017 and combines music, film, theatre, dance and much much more to create an atmosphere like no other.

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My Travel Repertoire

I have been privileged enough to travel to some incredible places around the world and this is a post to show off my travelling repertoire. Plus, I felt this was an easy way for you to read about the destinations you want to know more about. But don’t worry, if somewhere isn’t linked it’s most likely on its way and if it is, click, read and explore…

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Festival FAQ

With festival season around the corner, I thought my next post should be a festival FAQ which can answer a handful of questions I get asked either at or leading up to a festival.

I remember the lead up to my first festival, I had no clue what I was doing. I googled about a million things, watched tons of videos on YouTube and trawled through blogs to find out the answers to what I thought were probably very obvious questions.

I wanted to give you as many answers as I could all in one place, as well as provide a platform where you could ask me questions, no matter how obvious you think they might be. So, let me hold your hand and help you prepare as you take the plunge to booking your first, third or hundredth festival so you can have an easier, more fun and worry-free festival experience!

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