Top Tips – Where to camp at a festival

Where you camp at a festival can really make or break your whole weekend. I wanted to give some helpful tips about how you too can make the most out of your festival experience and secure yourself the best camping spot possible! Whether you are a festival newbie or a regular festival fanatic, knowing the best and worst places to pitch your tent is always a good thing to know.

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Bestival prides itself on being more than just a music festival. It has so much to offer; from woodland retreats to shisha bars, yoga sessions to TEDx live talks, it is a festival of many facets.

Bestival (when I went) was held on the Isle of Wight which had quaint little shops selling crabbing lines and homemade toffees, cosy pubs, streets lined with bunting and the smell of the sea wafting around every corner. It really was unlike any other place I had been to for a festival.

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