International Festivals


Do you think festivals are just a British thing? Or that the UK is the only place with a fantastic variety of festivals? Oh, how wrong you are.

With Coachella (USA), Tomorrowland (Belgium), Sziget (Budapest), Outlook (Croatia), Field Day (Australia), Songkran (Thailand), and many more, there is so much on offer if you travel further afield.

Although I love festivals in the UK, there’s something truly magical about heading abroad for a festival. There are so many incredible festivals on offer around the world which I just can’t turn a blind eye to. Plus, foreign festivals are some of the best run and globally renowned gatherings on the planet.

Overseas festivals are an increasingly popular option, often cheaper than those in the UK with the added advantage of feeling like you are on holiday and let’s face it, less risk of the ever-looming and unpredictable British weather.

I have been lucky enough to go to one of the best festivals I have ever experienced (no exaggeration) and it was in Belgium. By venturing overseas I got to experience a festival which was unlike anything I had ever been to before in the UK.

So pack a bag, book a flight, take a road trip and dust off the passport and make sure you take advantage of some of the incredible festivals on offer around the world. 



2 replies to International Festivals
  1. Going through some of your blog posts. Every region has a different culture and its festivals. No doubt the festival helps us to know more about the places and their culture.


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