Getting Glastonbury tickets feels like you are competing in some strange version of the hunger games whereby some people (annoyingly) seem to crack every year! In 2019 over 2.4million people registered to get their hands on Glastonbury tickets which sold out in under 35 minutes! If you were not lucky enough to get a ticket, then read on and see how to maximise your chances in the Glastonbury Festival Ticket Resale!

So you tried to get Glastonbury tickets in the coach and general sales and had no luck? Right now you’re sitting at home, with a cup of tea (or something stronger) wondering how and why you didn’t get tickets considering you had 20 people trying, multiple laptops on the go, and refreshed your page over 100 times… Well never fear, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Read my full list on ‘How to Get Glastonbury and Tomorrowland Tickets and my ‘5 Tips and Tricks’ below, to maximise your chances at mastering the Glastonbury ticket resale!

Why/What Is The Glastonbury Festival Ticket Resale? How Are There Tickets Available?

Glastonbury operates a different ticketing system from any other I have come across. You are only required to pay a £50 deposit on the day of the coach/general ticket sale. Then during a specific payment window (usually around April), you pay the remaining balance of your ticket. For 2023, Glastonbury Tickets are expensive – General Admission Tickets £335 + £5 booking fee each.

The person that gets through to the sacred realm of the ticket payment page during the general sale is the one who pays for ALL DEPOSITS! Each person/ticket holder then pays the balance of their tickets individually during that window period. Anyone who doesn’t pay their balance during the payment window loses their £50 deposit and their ticket, then their ticket gets resold in the Glastonbury Ticket Resale.

When Does The Glastonbury Festival Ticket Resale Take Place?

The Glastonbury ticket resale usually takes place around April, so keep an eye on the Glastonbury official website and their social channels for news and updates so that you’re ready!

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My 5 Tips and Tricks for Getting Glastonbury Resale Tickets!

#1: Get into a group of 4!

You can purchase up to 4 Glastonbury Resale Tickets at once. So make sure you find others on the hunt for tickets and get yourselves into a group of 4. Then with all 4 of you trying for your group, it will better your chances.

What if you have more than 4? – Make multiple groups! Find others that are trying in a pair and group up!

Glastonbury 2022: For Coach Tickets – They have just announced you can only buy 2 tickets per order in the Coach ticket resale!

#2: Have everyone’s details to hand!

So you are in your group, perhaps you have multiple groups of friends trying to get tickets? Make sure you make a spreadsheet of everyone’s Glastonbury Registration codes and Postcodes so that you have them ready to copy and paste into the boxes on the website if you get through.

#3: Have multiple browsers and devices, not tabs!

I have found it’s best to have multiple devices rather than multiple tabs on one browser. It’s also better to have devices of all different types; tablet, laptop, phone, desktop PC etc – mix it up.

Make sure you also use different browsing systems on each device as it can make a difference. For example, have your iPhone on Safari, your laptop on Google Chrome, your PC on Internet Explorer etc…

Only one device? Don’t worry, just make sure to have a single tab open in each browser type.

#4: Get friends and family to help you! 

This was a point I made on my more extensive list of ‘How to get Glastonbury and Tomorrowland ticketsbut it’s a biggy!

Once you have got all your groups and created your epic spreadsheet, ask your family and friends to help you! More people trying = more chances!

It also means if someone in one group is successful and gets tickets, they have the details of the other groups to try for them too. Power of numbers people!!

#5: Close all unnecessary programs/apps running in the background!

To make your device run as fast as possible and to avoid any unwanted pop-ups or interruptions, close all extra tabs and apps from running in the background. You don’t need your Spotify, Instagram or Netflix open right now – PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!

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Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!
Sophie – TFB

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