I have never lost my mobile at a festival thanks to these handy tips…

So far (touch wood) I have never lost my phone at a festival! Don’t get me wrong, I have made some festival mistakes and have misplaced money, tokens, and whatever else, but so far luckily, I’ve never lost my phone. In this post, I will be passing on my winning ways to make sure you know how to not lose your phone at a festival!

1. Use A Pop Socket / Phone Grip.

I LOVE MY POP SOCKET! These little suckers are incredible. They make it much easier to hold your phone to take photos, especially if you are holding it in a crowd or taking a selfie. Given that phones and phone screens are getting bigger now… pop sockets will mean that even those with smaller hands can get get a good grip of their phone.

Pop Sockets are a cheap and easy way to get a good grip of your phone!

The only slightly annoying things about them are #1 – they do not lie flat when in your pocket & #2 – Once they are stuck on, they are on for good and do not shift! I would recommend attaching them to your phone case instead of the back of your actual phone. That way you can easily change it/ remove it if necessary.

2. Turn On Location Tracking.

Turn on ‘Find My iPhone’, Snap Chat Location Finder or other location trackers. That way you can see where your phone is (as long as it is switched on) and track it if you have dropped/lost it!

3. Utilise Your Lock Screen Image.

Have a friends phone number, the name of where you are camping, as well as a photo of yourself as your lock screen image. That way if during the festival the worst should happen and you drop your phone in the crowd or leave it in a portaloo, you can make sure that whoever finds it (and I’m assuming it’s a lovely, honest festival-goer) can contact your friend, or provide some information to Lost & Found when they hand it in.

4. Move Out, Snap, Move Back in.

Consider taking your selfies, group shots or whatever else BEFORE heading into the thick of it. Why not take your photos in an open, less busy spot rather than right in the heart of the crowd? This way you’re less likely to get bumped and drop your phone plus you have more space to get creative with your photos!

5. Be Sensible.

This might seem really basic, but after several ciders or a couple of vinos rational thinking seems to go out of the window!

❌ Don’t place your phone in your back pocket
❌ Don’t wander around holding your phone
❌ Don’t leave your phone in your tent while you are away
❌ Don’t leave your phone at an unmanned/unlocked charging station
❌ Don’t give your phone to someone to take your photo unless you can trust them
❌ Don’t put your phone down on the floor/side of a festival toilet. Not only is it DISGUSTING, but also an easy place to forget to pick it back up.

6. Invest In Phone Insurance.

Even if you don’t lose your phone, a cracked screen or mud in your speaker can be annoying and expensive to fix if you don’t have insurance. Phone insurance is not crazy expensive and normally your phone provider will have it as an add-on option. Some home and contents insurance companies also offer additional cover for mobile phones, cameras etc outside the home. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions and talk to your provider to make sure you are covered!

7. Keep An Eye Open for Pick-Pockets.

Unfortunately, there are always those f**kwits that go around stealing people’s mobile phones at a festival. Keep your phone in a zipped compartment of your bag, in a secure inside pocket, or on a lanyard around your neck. Pickpockets have multiple sneaky tactics to try and get their hands on your phone: Bumping into you, dancing really close in the crowd, distracting you whilst they dip their hands into your pockets/bag etc…

8. Use A Locker.

Most festivals have a secure locker facility for you to use during the festival. This does usually come at an additional cost, however, it’s minimal considering the peace of mind it gives you. I have always rented one for Tomorrowland – it cost about €20 for the whole festival and was about the size of a shoebox. Perfect for passports, car keys, phones, a camera etc. I pre-ordered my locker before the festival and simply went to the locker information tent when I arrived to pick up my key. I took a photo of me next to my locker (opened) showing the contents and the key number. This way if I lost the key, I could prove to the festival staff that the locker is mine!

9. Beware of Charging Stations.

I have a love/hate relationship with festival charging stations. They are great in that you can leave your phone (usually at an additional cost) for a certain period of time whilst it charges and then pick it up later. BUT – most of these companies say that you are leaving your phone at your own risk! This means if anything went wrong and your phone got misplaced or stolen, they won’t be liable! In saying that, most of the time they are locked in a locker with an internal charging point so that it’s more secure. Honestly, I always opt for taking my own portable charger instead!

10. Keep Your Phone Charged.

Speaking of charging your phone, make sure you do! Having no battery during the festival is a pain! Losing your friends at 2am, slightly drunk or before you have gotten to grips with the festival layout (this is especially true for Glastonbury) will turn into the worst game of hide and seek ever! Take a portable battery pack (or two) with you so that you can charge your phone each night in your tent ready for the day ahead!

Stay Safe!

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