You’ll never lose your friends or be stuck without a phone at a music festival again!

Want a way to never lose your friends at a music festival again? Don’t we all!

We’ve all had those sinking moments where you lose your phone at a festival, or your phone dies, or you lose your mates in the crowd and have no clue how or when you will ever find them again. In the past I would have just carried on, hoping that I would miraculously see them coming towards me in the distance like a scene from a rom-com movie. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and I’m older and wiser now!

Luckily for us we’re in 2021 and there is a brand new service you can use to avoid wandering around waiting for your rom-com moment. It doesn’t rely on (notoriously terrible at a festival) 3G/4G/5G or phone data. Ideal when you’re ankles deep in a festival field or traveling around the UK where cell service is patchy at best! 👇

>>> Welcome to the newbie on the block to never lose your friends at a fesival… 0800 PHONEHOME <<<

Launched in 2021, the brainchild of friends David Butler and Alex Clarke, 0800 PHONEHOME is a fantastic solution to the time old issue of a dead battery or lost mobile phone! David was having coffee with his dad between lockdowns when they realized how attached we’ve all become to our mobile phones. It sparked the thought, ‘what we would do if our mobile phone died, broke, or got lost and we needed to call family or friends for help?’

0800 PhoneHome allows its members to access & call their contacts from any phone in the UK whether it’s a mobile, landline or payphone! No memorising phone numbers or worrying about terrible cell service – HALLELUJAH!

How Does 0800 PhoneHome work?

How Can It Help Me Find My Friends At A Festival?

1 – Simply sign up to use the service, and store your top 5 contacts on your online account and select how many ‘Call Tokens’ you need.

2 – Fast forward to a festival field. Your phone has vanished or has a dead battery, simply dial 0800 PhoneHome from any phone in the UK, enter your own mobile number and 4-digit PIN, then select one of your stored contacts from the menu.

0800 PhoneHome does the rest – they dial the contact number you selected and put you through to them, easy isn’t it?

I lost my phone and my friends at Glastonbury after weaving my way to the front of the Pyramid Stage trying to see Stormzy. It was dark and my first year attending the festival so I didn’t know my way around. This would have been PERFECT if I had it back in 2019!

Emily, South West London

Can’t Decide/Commit To Your Top 5 Contacts?

Don’t worry, you can easily change your ‘Top 5 Contacts’ in your account simply by logging onto the website and swapping them out whenever you like. Perfect if your festi crew changes or you are at an event with different people!

My kids love festivals and are now at that age where they are doing them without me. I worry about them loosing their phone or being unable to contact me if they get lost or in trouble. This service sounds fantastic to give parents that added piece of mind!

Kylie, Surrey

How Much Does It Cost?

As it’s an ‘0800’ number, the call is 100% FREE to the phone owner. You can borrow a phone from a friend or even a stranger’s mobile phone at a festival, the landline at a bar even a payphone if you are lost out and about, and it won’t charge them anything!

0800 PhoneHome would normally costs £2.99 a year for a single account, or £9.99 for a family account, but as I’ve partnered with them, I am able to offer all my lovely That Festival Blogger readers a discount!

TO GET IT FOR JUST £1.99! <<

Your Call costs are covered by ‘Call Tokens’. Just buy as many or as little as you need at checkout. When you set up your account, you’ll be prompted to buy your ‘Call Tokens’ – A bit like old school Pay-As-You-Go credit, but better! 15 call tokens cost just £3 and will never expire. Essentially, for only the price of a large coffee, you can sign up today to make sure you don’t get caught out at your next festival, staycation, or vacation should the worst happen and you find yourself stuck without a phone!

Stay safe and don’t forget to 0800 PhoneHome!

Sophie – TFB


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