Festivals are different no matter where you go! Even if there are two festivals just a few towns apart, both would have a totally different atmosphere, music, vibe, theme or specialty… and it’s why I LOVE THEM! I have been going to festivals for well over a decade now, and although I am much more familiar with the UK festival scene, now that I’m living in New Zealand, I have been able to sample a few of the festivals in New Zealand. New Zealand festivals are a breed of their own and I can safely say that they are very different to the ones in the UK in their own special way.

What are festivals like in New Zealand?

#1 The New Zealand Weather

Festivals in the UK are not renowned for their amazing weather, then again, you do sometimes get lucky and have a totally dry festival. I went to a festival in wales which was so wet that when the sun did eventually make an appearance everyone clapped and cheered (HOW BRITISH IS THAT) New Zealand on the other hand, the weather is far far more favorable and reliable. Especially up in the north island, it’s called the winterless north for a reason. I have done a couple of festivals in northern New Zealand and both times I had amazingly hot, sunny weather the entire festival weekend!

#2 The Atmosphere

The atmosphere at a festival in New Zealand is really laid back, relaxed and casual. They are not as over the top (from what I have experienced) in terms of clothes and festival fashion – it’s far more about being comfortable and having a good time! The people there are also all super chilled. I have met so many nice people at a Kiwi festival – then again I could say the same for almost every festival I have ever been to… festivals generally are an amazing way to meet and connect with new people!

#3 The Music

The music is also totally different at a NZ festi than at a UK one. Sure, there are some festivals and stages which showcase similar artists to those in the UK, I mean a global superstar like Wilkinson, Martin Garrix or The Killers – are just that, GLOBAL superstar’s and so are pretty similar at whatever festival in the world you see them at. What makes those big names different in New Zealand compared to other places like Tomorrowland, Glastonbury or Bestival, is all the other things that the festival offers – scenery, stages, atmosphere etc..

New Zealand festivals offer something so unique when it comes to music. I have seen some amazing artists that I would never have had the chance to see had it not been in NZL! The number of local bands and artists that play at New Zealand festivals is fantastic, and is something which I think UK festivals should encourage and showcase more often!

#4 The New Zealand Scenery

Probably one of the biggest reasons I love a kiwi festival is the sensational scenery. Everyone has seen the Instagramable and truly beautiful scenery on offer in New Zealand so imagine having a festival with that as the backdrop? Mountains, rolling hills, expansive ocean or vast uninterrupted countryside make a nice change from the urban or country farm style festival sites that the UK offers.

#5 Festival Ticket Prices

Ticket prices in New Zealand are also great! Most festivals, apart from the odd one or two which are expensive, are far far cheaper than the ones I have been to in the UK. Travel to a festival in NZL is more challenging. Unlike the ease of public transport or a quick drive in the UK, in New Zealand to get to a festival you either have to fly or drive, sometimes considerable distances which of course adds to the cost. On the whole, tickets to festivals and gigs, in general, are much more reasonably priced in New Zealand than those in the UK – perhaps because of the turn-off of long travel prospects…

Been to a festival in New Zealand which you would recommend? Leave me a comment below!

TFB – Sophie

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