Whether you’re going to your 1st or 50th festival, a festival packing list is essential. I have made a few festival mistakes over the last 10 or so years, including taking the wrong things or not packing enough warm clothes. Festival packing lists are perfect to make sure you have everything you need for a fantastic and comfortable festival! It also means you won’t pack too much, end up carrying items you don’t really need and have an altogether more pleasant festival experience.

Simply download & print off my festival packing list below and tick off each item as you pack it.

Are You Heading to a day Festival?

Packing for a day festival is just as important as packing for a weekend or week long festival bonanza! You still need to think about what you might need during the day. Sun cream, water, a jumper, a battery pack and even a pocket picnic blanket to sit on are great things to take with you to a day festival.

>> Check out my packing list for what to take to a day festival.

Off to Glastonbury? Or want an even more detailed packing list?

Although pretty everything you need is on here, I have made a comprehensive packing list which includes EVERYTHING you might need and more. Including some ‘just in case’ items so you don’t forget anything!

>> Check out my full, comprehensive festival packing list. or >> Glastonbury Festival Packing List

Happy Packing!

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