With the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, it’s important we look after our mental and physical health during COVID-19. With the ever-tightening rules on social distancing, travel, and what is/isn’t possible, it’s important to keep busy and keep calm. There are lots of different ways we can keep busy and keep calm and carry on during COVID-19.


Looking after our mental health is just as important as doing an at-home workout to make sure we don’t pack on the pounds during self-isolation. So, take a look below at my tips and tricks to help you keep calm and carry on during COVID-19!

Tip #1
Take a moment to stop, relax and reflect

Not being super busy and productive all the time IS OK! So today you haven’t done a puzzle, baked banana bread or done a HIIT workout – maybe you haven’t even put on a bra yet and it’s 4pm? It’s fine. Whether you love meditation and yoga or not, take a moment to just relax, and be present in the day. I do yoga, both for the workout and the physical benefit, but also so that I can clear my head, stretch my body and just withdraw from the world for a moment.

Tip #2
Learn a new skill

Lots of people are looking to learn new skills during this time. Maybe you have always wanted to try and learn a new language? Maybe you have always wanted to do an online diploma in Marketing, SEO or Social Media? Maybe you just want to learn how to cook, or paint, or bake? Whatever it is give it a go and don’t be afraid to fail the first time around.

Try out a new recipie

Now, granted you need to be able to buy the ingredients in the shops, which at the moment is proving about an easy as getting Glastonbury or Tomorrowland tickets, but why not try out that recipe you have always wanted to? Experiment with new flavours or try out a classic. Either way, you might find you have a new signature dish up your sleeve.


Tip #4
Use social media to get inspiration for travel destinations & festivals

Social media is a great place to get inspiration and ideas about where you can travel and which festivals are on offer to you once COVID-19 is behind us. There are so many festivals all over the world that knowing which ones to go to can be very overwhelming. Use this time to discover which have the music you like, where they are located, how much they cost ( so you can start saving), what sort of clothes people wear (so you can outfit plan)… the possibilities are endless!

Tip #5
Connect with friends and family – Virtually

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t be social and keep connecting with friends and family (virtually). There are so many ways we can all keep in touch and stay at home at the same time. Whether it’s through an app, FaceTime, email, or a simple phone call, don’t let this time stop you from catching up and keeping up to date with your friends and family.

Tip #6
Have a festival at home!

Why not make your home into the world’s smallest festival arena? Lots of DJ’s ( including Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and Timmy Trumpet) are live streaming incredible sets from their own homes through social media. Why not stream one onto your TV, get dressed up in your favorite festival outfit, and grab a glass of wine, beer or cider to get into the festival spirit?

Tip #7
Have a clear out – out with the old, in with the new

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and have a clear out. I know that over time I buy clothes or get given things and don’t actually get rid of the bits I no longer wear. Think about what gives you joy, what clothes you wear all the time and clothes which still have tags on or you are keeping because ‘one day I will wear it’. A friend told me a trick, turn all your clothes inside out, then when once you have worn it (and washed it), hang it back up the right way in – anything that is still inside-out by the following year, you don’t need! It’s pretty ruthless, but it will show you which items you love and wear a lot of and others which are just collecting dust and taking up hanging space.


Tip #8
Start your own blog or website

I started my blog back in 2018 as a New Year’s resolution – and I am so glad I did. Use this time to think about what you are passionate about and start a blog, website or even just a diary.

Tip #9
Take each day as it comes

In this uncertain time, forward planning and stressing about future endeavors are not going to help you and will only cause more anxiety. Trust me – me saying this means a lot as I LOVE organisation and forward planning, but right now, it isn’t a helpful trait! Plan your week or just your day instead of your whole month or year. Make a daily to-do list, plan to speak to a certain friend one evening that week, or schedule some form of self-care or a workout… make each day different from the one before and just go with the flow.

Tip #10
It’s ok to not be ok!

Right now, it’s more than ok to have a cry, feel stressed, anxious, angry or trapped. Just because you are self-isolating, you are not alone in feeling any of these things. So many other people will be feeling just the same as you and it’s more than ok to have a little moment of weakness. Reach out to friends or family, immerse yourself in an activity, read a book or meditate – do what you need to help you come to terms with what you are feeling at this time!

Stay Safe 

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