Where’s the best place to camp at Glastonbury Festival?

Camping at Glastonbury isn’t a turn-up and hope affair – preparation and planning are needed and will definitely improve your Glastonbury experience. There are so many campsites to choose from at Glastonbury, so knowing the pro’s and con’s of each can make or break your Glasto weekend! Of course, everyone has different preferences and different ideas about what makes somewhere a ‘great camping spot’ but with so many to choose from, knowing where to camp at Glastonbury Festival & which is best for you is essential.

Where to camp at Glastonbury if you want to party until the early hours

pty glastoPark Home Ground / Pennard Hill Ground / Paines Ground

Due to the proximity to Arcadia, all these campsites are right in the heart of the action towards the South of the festival. Expect very loud evenings and busy mornings here – but if you want to spend all night up and dancing then this is the one for you. Pennard Hill fills up really quickly and normally means anyone arriving later than Wednesday won’t find a space. That being said, walk through the festival and have a look! Always worth trying to squeeze in if it’s where you want to be. Otherwise, give your tent to someone going on Wednesday and get them to save you a spot!

Oxlyers / Bushy Ground

Located right behind the Other Stage and close to Silver Hayes, this is the place for you if you want to explore the dance tents until the sun comes up. Expect a lot of traffic during the day and even more when the sun goes down and the late-night dance tents get busier and busier. Oxlyers is also very low lying, so if it is wet, I would avoid at all costs.

Kidney Mead / Big Ground /  Michael’s Mead and Hawkwell / Row Mead

On the doorstep of the Pyramid Stage and only a stone’s throw from the John Peel Stage, these are the ‘big 4’ and always tend to fill up early on Wednesday! Arriving on Thursday in a group will mean you probably won’t find a space here, however, if it’s just a couple of you, or if you are flying solo, you might be lucky and squeeze between the early birds. Big Ground has a fantastic view over Glastonbury and you can see (and hear) the Pyramid Stage antics right from your tent! Being so close to the action means it will be noisy, however, if you plan on not sleeping anyway then go for it!


Just behind the John Peel stage, this campsite is perfect for those looking to spend their time enjoying the music at both the John Peel stage and Silver Hayes. However, expect a VERY long walk to the likes of Shangri La and the south end of the festival. Also as it is on the main road that links the north and the south of the site, it experiences a heavy footfall 24hours a day, so camp away from the paths!

Where to camp at Glastonbury if you want more sleep and more space

glasto sleep

Hitchin Hill / Darble / Pylon Ground / Rivermead /  Family Camping / Wicket Ground

Right at the north end of the festival, these campsites are more tucked away and so will be much quieter. Don’t be fooled, they are still close to the John Peel Stage and not miles from the Pyramid Stage, but being slightly off the main drag will mean you can get some shut-eye and have space to pitch your tent without being on top of your neighbour. Being at the north most point of the site, the walk to Shangri La, Green Fields or any of the East car parks will be a trek – so be prepared for that!

South Park /  Baileys / Back House /  Diary Ground / Rig’s Field

Towards the west of the festival are these campsites. They are a short-ish (for Glastonbury standards) walk from The Other Stage, Arcadia and the main route between the north and the south of the festival. They are a lot less busy and tend to fill up slower than the likes of Pennard Hill and Big Ground. They are more out of the way, and so are a lot quieter at night.

I camped in Diary Ground very close to Pedestrian Gate D and I thought it was a great place to camp. I never mind a slightly longer walk back to the tent after I have had enough if it means I get to camp with all my friends and actually get a decent amount of shut-eye.

>> Check out my Instagram Story Highlights what show what the Dairy Ground Campsite looked like <<

My Advice…

As you can tell, there are so many to choose from that there is no singular ‘best place’ to camp. Other than all the info above, my pieces of advice would be:

  • Look at the festival map – See where the different campsites are and which stage you might spend a lot of time.
  • Ask around – Talk to friends or family and see where they camped, get their recommendations and see how they found it.
  • Read blogs for Glastonbury Festival tips and hacks. Festival Bloggers love sharing experiences, stories, tips and offer great advice – they can really help you!
  • Park near to wherever you do want to camp! Trust me it was one of my Glastonbury Mistakes this year!



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