Having never been to Glastonbury before, it was always inevitable I was going to make some mistakes. As they say, first times are always there to iron out the kinks… It does mean however, I can tell you what not to do so you don’t make the same 5 Glastonbury Festival mistakes as me when you take on this mammoth UK festival… You’re welcome!

Glastonbury Mistake #1

Where I parked.

I arrived late on Wednesday night after work having driven all the way from London. Arriving at this time was perfect, no traffic, no hiccups and I had driven straight into the car park! However, having driven from London I parked in Blue Carpark (Blue circle on the map), which was the most logical in terms of arriving and leaving, however, I didn’t think about where I would eventually camp. I stayed in Tangerine Fields on the first night with a friend (Yellow circle on the map) to avoid having to set up a tent in the dark, to then move to Dairy Ground Campsite on Thursday morning when my other friends arrived (Pink circle on the map).

THE WALK FROM DAIRY GROUND TO BLUE CAR PARK 8 WAS AWFUL! Walking from where I had camped to the car took well over 1.5 hours! Carrying all my stuff across the width of the whole of Glastonbury was just diabolical!

Conclusion: Park in the closest car park as possible to where you will be camping!

Walking Map

Glastonbury Mistake #2

Packing too much stuff

Now there is a fine line between taking what you need to make your experience more comfortable, and what is just unnecessary. We have all said to ourselves ‘oh it’s only one more top it doesn’t weigh much’.

I took far too many clothes. I don’t know who I think I am but there was no way I was going to wear everything I had brought with me!

Conclusion: Decide and plan specific outfits before you leave, use my handy packing list so that only pack things you know go well together. This way you can avoid having to come up with outfits out of all the ‘options’ you have packed.

Glastonbury Mistake #3

Not spending Thursday just wandering around exploring.

Glastonbury is renowned for how much it offers other than the fantastic music line-up. I massively regret not just exploring and walking around on Thursday. There were places at Glastonbury that sounded amazing that I had never even heard of let alone seen or been to.

Conclusion: Thursday, unless there is someone you are desperate to see, go off and have a wander. See what fantastic things the festival has to offer, try those strange purple falafels, walk through the hippy village and lie on the floor listening to talks about the environment, or simply just walk around and talk to people, see who they want to see and what they know is going on – you might just discover a hidden gem!


Glastonbury Mistake #4

Not trying more of the amazing food on offer.

I took a lot of food with me and decided I would be cheap and eat what I had brought rather than trying lots of the different amazing food stalls on offer. I did save a lot of money to be honest with you, however, hearing about some of the wonderful dishes and cuisines that my friends had tried over the week got me very jealous!

Conclusion: Yes, take your own food, but there is so much food to try, plus you might never get the chance to go to Glastonbury again, so say f**k it and buy that Buddha Bowl or Moroccan Curry if you want it!

Glastonbury Mistake #5 

Not having my paper ticket on me AT ALL TIMES.

Even once you had got into Glastonbury, got your wristband and had your first drink (or two), you still had to retain your paper ticket! Any time you want to leave the festival site, whether to go back to the car, return to your camp if you were camped off-site or in a camper/caravan etc, you had to show your paper ticket on the way out and on re-entry to be able to get back in!! They gave you a ‘pass out’ ticket, checked your wristband and checked your paper ticket!

Conclusion: Keep your paper ticket on you at all times in case you need/want to go off-site!


Only having 5 Glastonbury mistakes was pretty good going! Read my other Glastonbury posts, download my free essential packing list, explore my Glastonbury camping top tips, and my post all about where to camp at Glastonbury to ensure you are ready to tackle one of the biggest and best festivals in the world when you get the chance to go!!


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