Tomorrowland Festival was genuinely one of the best weekends of my life, and there are loads of reasons why I loved Tomorrowland Festival! Having been 4x, I have created a list of the top 10 Tips For Tomorrowland Festival which will ensure you’re ready to tackle this unbelievable festival and experience a weekend which you will never forget!

Tomorrowland, for those that don’t know (I mean if you don’t know what it is or haven’t watched the after movies – where have you been?) is an EDM festival in Belgium. It is now also in Brazil and the US, however, Belgium is the motherland of EDM and fantastic DJ’s so it was the logical birthplace of this EPIC FESTIVAL!

Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever

Tomorrowland Tip #1

Get there early!

Tomorrowland is such a beast that getting to the campsite early will ensure that you get a great camping spot and ensure you are able to camp next to your friends! I have always camped in Dreamville (Magnificent Greens) and so arrived on Thursday morning at the crack of dawn!

Tomorrowland Tip #2


There is so much to see at Tomorrowland that you will undoubtedly never fit it all in. There are some amazing bars, food vendors and little surprises throughout the festival site which you will only experience by exploring and walking around.

Tomorrowland Tip #3

Don’t spend all your time at the main stage!

There are SO MANY STAGES at Tomorrowland, all of which have totally different vibes, so don’t spend your whole day at only the main stage. There’s a great bar/stage at the back of the arena, right next to the Opera Stage which has previously been sponsored by Desperados or Cubanisto beer – IT HAS AIRCON, is indoors, has banging music, and always has a really cool interior!

Tomorrowland Tip #4

You have to try the Cherry Beer!

Seriously it’s delicious. I am not a beer drinker but the cherry beer at Tomorrowland is my one exception! It only comes as a half-pint, but it is worth it!

Tomorrowland Tip #5

Work out how many ‘Pearls’ there are to your local currency!

It can be really confusing paying in Pearls all weekend, and you can suddenly find that your midnight noodles cost you a whopping £15!

Tomorrowland Tip #6

Buy your merchandise at the start!

Tomorrowland sells some fantastic merch, but it does sell out!! Hats/Caps especially will fly off the shelves, so don’t think ‘ I will buy it at the end’ as more than likely a lot of the popular or plainer colours will have sold out!

Another point about merchandise, the merch in the campsite/Dreamville is different from that in the main arena! Make sure you go to different shops to see the full collection of merchandise on offer.

Tomorrowland Tip #7

Talk to everyone!

Tomorrowland has a very rare and unique festival atmosphere and a vibe like nothing else in the world! You will meet people from all walks of life and from all over the globe! Get to know them, how they got there, who they want to see, and (more than likely) how many years it took them to finally get tickets! I have met so many amazing people at Tomorrowland that I still talk to years and years later!

Tomorrowland Tip #8

Go to Tomorrowland even if you don’t ‘love EDM’.

Yes, it’s an EDM-based festival, but with performers like David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki, you are bound to hear some songs that are current radio hits or even 00’s classics which are mixed into the sickest remixes!!

Tomnorrowland Tip #9

Go to the main stage for the fireworks!

OMG THE FIREWORKS! The fireworks displays at the main stage at the end of the headline set are absolutely mind-blowing and were some of the best fireworks I have ever seen! I recommend standing high up on the hill at the main stage for the best views, then just get ready to take it all in! I genuinely cried my first year at just how amazing it was! Yes, I genuinely cried!!

Tomorrowland Tip #10

Embrace it!

You have probably tried for years to have the chance to go to Tomorrowland so just embrace it and go with the flow! You might never go back so seize every opportunity, talk to everyone, love and live in the moment and I promise you, it will be a weekend you will NEVER FORGET!!


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