After going to Glastonbury in 2019, I asked my fellow Glastonbury Festival goers for their Glastonbury Festival Highlights and Advice. The variety of experiences and answers they gave me just shows how much there is to explore and enjoy at Glastonbury!

1 – Zoe_tate1

Wow, so hard to choose 1 so here’s 3 😄 Finally getting to see Tame Impala, spending all day boogieing to Craig Charles funk and soul in the sunshine, and Dimension at Arcadia on Sunday night!

Advice – Try to plan your day/night activities. Aim to stay in specific areas rather than walking back and forth too much because you will miss the music while you’re walking around looking for the stages.

2 – Cody Stringer

I mean it’s literally impossible to choose a singular highlight! But my piece of advice would be to stay until the end for the looting and stock up on baby wipes.

3 – Samuel.adam.wright

The biggest highlight for me has to be watching Jeff Goldblum perform with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra on Sunday afternoon on the West Holts stage. The group’s jazz music was absolutely captivating, but it was Goldblum himself who stole the show with his charm and zebra trousers. There were more than a few folks dressed in dinosaur costumes in the crowd, as a homage to his role in Jurassic Park!

My one piece of advice would be to open yourself up to new experiences! There’s such a variety of acts performing at Glastonbury: go see artists whom you’ve never seen before (or maybe haven’t even heard of) and more often than not you’ll discover something new and exciting that will enrich your soul.

4 – Theadz01

Glastonbury highlight was definitely Kylie! Just non-stop fun! Although a little emotional. We were there in 2005 and we so excited to see her headline, so felt like we’d been on that journey with her.

Top advice? Get away from the music stages and explore everything else Glastonbury has to offer. Theatre and Circus, Healing field, Green Fields etc. It is what makes Glastonbury stand out from all the other festivals!

5 – Maddyduxbury

Fave moment:  Seeing history being made watching Stormzy become the first British rapper to headline Glasto. That performance was everything. The Banksy vest, the ballet, the JZ video footage, the choir, the pyrotechnics, the cameos from Dave, Fredo and Chris Martin, the love he showed to past and upcoming grime artists, the sign language interpreter, the prison backdrop set design, Princess K and the other kid dancers, the range of music that stayed true to his roots as a grime artist but showed how he broke through an underground scene…and most of all the genuine sense that he was so humbled by it all. It broke me twice!

Piece of advice:  Buy some Travel Janes (portable urinals)! They were festival lifesavers! They are very discreet and stopped me from having to leave the crowds to find a toilet on several occasions!

6 – beksiesboutique

My festival highlight was the Lord of the Lobsters in the Cabaret Field!

My advice is to always have clean knickers, drink water and a have positive attitude, all the good things will come to you if you are smiling 🙂 ❤️

7 – Laurenvictoriasydney

What an amazing 5 days, but going to the Fat Boy Slim premier silent movie was a highlight. I got to see Norman cook and Michael Eavis sit in an old Cadillac and watch the movie until I couldn’t sit and had to dance! Plus,  Fat Boy Slims set after was so good, and that was only day 1!

My advice would be to speak to everyone you meet, whether in queues or on the dance floors you never know who you’re going to meet and the friends you will make. I found out about a few secret gigs and where the best Bloody Mary’s were served on-site, all from random chats!

8 – Geeyooess

Highlight – Sobbing uncontrollably with my mates to Loyle Carner singing about his mum and then having his friends get engaged on stage. That’s what 5 days of boozing and little sleep does to you!

Advice – I was going to say Capri Suns or a double sleeping bag (if you like cuddling) but actually my mate had a Fresh & Black tent and not only was it wonderfully dark inside but kept beers cold!!!

9 – sample_seri

My highlight was seeing Stormzy. I saw him two years ago as well but being from London, I probably relate to him the most. I was so proud of him and his moment.

My one piece of advice is that if you do glitter boobs, remember to wear sunscreen. My tan lines are out of control haha!

10 – aspoonfulofalice

My Glasto highlight was SUNDAY at the pyramid stage with back to back queer icons Years & Years, Kylie & Miley! I had the absolute time of my life!

My top tip is to put a contact number on your phone’s home screen in case someone finds it (I saw this on Twitter and thought it was genius!) also time stamp your texts in case they take ages to send!

Photo by Melevans_

11 – Melevans_

Ok, so the highlight for me was Two Door Cinema Club. No band had the Glasto vibe more for me than this band – dancing at The Other Stage as the sun began to set, cider in hand, everyone in the best mood, no idiots trying circle pits. Bliss.

Advice wise, I say even though your backpacks might be heavy, pack whatever creature comforts will get you through the week. It’s messy, it’s smelly, you’re not going to shower – so pack the wet wipes, take the time to brush your hair and do your crazy festival makeup if it makes you feel better, don’t scrimp on the blow-up mattress or pillow and for god sake take two portable phone chargers – one WILL NOT get you through the week.

12 – Dixieharley75

My highlight was watching my kids run free and go mental for five days at one of my most favourite places on the planet!!

My advice is to eat loads of fruit and veggies the week leading up to the festival and always, ALWAYS carry a loo roll at all times!

13 – Beckymoo

My festival highlight and my favourite act was probably Maggie Rogers,  just so much energy on stage!!

My top tip is to stay hydrated and when you aren’t fancying water or booze, fruit shoots squash is a great addition to take.

14 – Emmallewellyn17

This was my 8th Glastonbury now and I would have to say the highlight performance wise was the killers they were absolutely brilliant and a great stage presence/set. The weather was amazing, it’s such a bonus when it’s dry as you can sit wherever and whenever you want.

My advice would be to focus on the people you really want to see or might not have another chance to as there is so much to do at the festival!  You don’t want to just run around the site missing the unique things that Glastonbury has to offer because you are rushing to get to stages!

Photo by Mooncatitude

15 – Mooncatitude

My festival highlight was stumbling into an acoustic set by Lamb – her voice has seen me through many a comedown.

My advice would be to get in as crew however you can – having a big team and all the support, clean-ish showers and catering makes it a lot easier!

16 – Lstarx

Glastonbury highlight – Undoubtedly the 5hrs spent in the secret piano bar on Monday morning. It took me six years to find, but wow what a discovery! Bathed in art, everything from the music, monologues, poetry, singing and audience energy; all truly encapsulated the magic of Glastonbury.

Advice – Glastonbury is a journey of self-discovery. Do not try and meet up with everyone you know and see everyone artist you have heard of. Have a top 5 list of acts (that hopefully don’t clash) and switch off your phone off. Be open to being organic! Go with the flow and meet new people. If you are supposed to bump into people you will!

17 – Tinylocket25

After a gap of 34 years since my last Glasto (I know I’m that old) my highlight would be standing in front of the Pyramid Stage for the Cure with the same wonderful friend (my fab festival buddy) that I stood there with all those years ago.

One piece of festival advice, pack your smile whatever the weather and enjoy every single minute!

18 – Hollybopspencer

My Glasto highlight had to be discovering the most weirdly wonderful cosmic crazy band I have ever come across in the early hours of Saturday morning in Shangri La on the Truth stage 😂. You must check this band out called ‘Henge’ impossible to describe, you have to see it to believe it 😂.

My 1 piece of Glasto advice: Pre Glasto plan every outfit & glitter/gem make up for each day so you can be out of camp quick sharp & spend as much time venturing around this magical festival. Make every second of Glastonbury count as you never know if you will be lucky enough to get a ticket the following year 🙏✨

19 – Catmeowb

My highlight from Glasto was defo SG Lewis at the Glade followed by Chemical Brothers at the Other Stage. The two sets complimented each other really well.

My 1 Glasto tip would be: Explore the site and chill on the Wednesday & Thursday and save the partying for the Friday and Saturday. When I first went to Glasto in 2017 I made the mistake of going a bit too crazy on Thursday night and ended up dead to the world on Friday night!

Photo by Peterhughesphotography

20 – That Festival Blogger – ME!


My festival highlights had to be seeing the Old Dirty Brasstards on Thursday night! I had so much fun dancing along to their set – and so did the rest of the hundreds, if not thousands, of others in that tent! The mash-up of current songs played on brass instruments was amazing! Will be seeing them again when I can that’s for sure! 

I also have to say Miley Cyrus and Dermot Kennedy were unreal!! Both their performances were fantastic and totally different. Miley was a show, Dermot was humble, raw and wonderful! 


My advice would firstly take a bag which is comfortable to carry all your camping equipment in to find a camping spot! It is a long walk from the car to the campsites and a bag which is comfortable is an absolute must!

My second piece of advice is to explore! Walk around and listen to music that you wouldn’t normally, and you never know what you might find. I listened to a great folk band on Friday afternoon ( I still don’t know who they were) but it was amazing. Glastonbury has so much on offer that making too many plans will only restrict the new and amazing things you can discover!

So there you go, some amazing advice and fantastic highlights from a huge range of Glastonbury goers! If you went and have any advice do comment below! I always love getting new ideas and handy tips and tricks for any future festivals!

Sophie – That Festival Blogger

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