What To Take To A Day Festival

I am off to a day festival, what should I take?

Packing for a weekend-long festival is one thing, but it’s always good to know what to take to a festival even if it’s only 1 day! Having the right things with you can make your festival experience a whole lot easier and more comfortable. As I am off to Citadel Festival at the weekend, and after being asked ‘what do I take for a day festival?’ so many times, I thought, what better time to write about it and tell you what I will be taking!

Day Festival 1
Ticket/Confirmation Email/Wristband.

Most day festivals don’t allow re-entry and so won’t give you a wristband.  With this in mind, make sure you have either a printed ticket or your email confirmation on you when you arrive.


Most festivals don’t require ID on entry, however many will operate a Challenge 25 policy so be prepared to be asked for it at the bar if ordering a drink.

Card AND Cash!

Most of the main bars will accept cards or contactless payments, however smaller vendors or stalls might not. It’s always a good idea to have some cash on you just in case.

Oyster Card/ Ticket

Getting back from the festival might seem a long way off when you are packing your bag and getting ready to go, but make sure you pack your Oyster Card, contactless card or ticket – no one wants to get stuck at 1am!

Mobile Phone

I am sure this is glued to your hand anyway, I know my iPhone is like an extension of my arm (shameful to admit this but it’s true) but take your phone and make sure it’s fully charged so that you can take photos, find friends, use the festival’s app, or Shazam that band you have never heard of.

Battery Pack

These have saved me on many occasions, but a decent battery pack (don’t forget the lead) is always something I take with me, even for a day festival.

Sarong/Picnic Rug

Having something to sit on when at the festival will be a welcome relief when you have sore feet and fancy taking a break from all the walking and dancing. I always tend to take a thin scarf or sarong to avoid carrying a picnic rug which can be bulky or heavy.


I always take a jacket or a jumper with me for a day festival. It might seem sunny and lovely when you get there, but when it all finishes and you are walking back to the station or waiting for your Uber, you will be very glad that you have something warm to put on.

Water Bottle

Most festivals won’t allow you to take any opened water bottles, some won’t even let you take water in at all, but all will/should allow you to take an empty water bottle to fill up during the festival. I have a folding water bottle from Don Hardware which is fantastic. It folds up really small and can clip onto the side of a bag or bum bag!

Photo from DonHardware.com

Being out and about at a festival all day will take its toll on your skin, so make sure you pack a little tube of sun cream to avoid any unwanted sunburn or dodgy tan lines!


Sounds strange, but I always take a little tub of Sudocreme with me to a festival. Whether I get a graze, scratch, a little bit of sunburn or a blister, Sudocreme is a lifesaver!


It’s always handy to take some painkillers- sun, cider and probably not enough water = headache or early hangover!


I also always pack a pocket poncho just in case the sun disappears, and the rain clouds decide to make an appearance. I have a fantastic one from Green Eco Shop which I got as part of my Eco-friendly Festival Kit. This poncho is made from rice husk, is 100% plastic-free and totally biodegradeable!

Photo by Green Eco Shop

A decent (but not too expensive) pair of sunglasses is a must. Don’t take your limited edition Raybans but do take a decent pair that will protect your eyes.


Festival toilets are festival toilets, whether a weekend festival or a day one they are not the most pleasant experience! Taking your own tissues will be a good idea, I guarantee you!


Girls, make sure you take a Tampax or two. As most day festivals do not allow reentry, going off-site for an emergency trip to Boots will be impossible, so make sure you take one with you. Even if you don’t need one, someone else will love you forever if they get caught out and you can swoop in to save the day!

Hand Sanitiser

No doubt you will be buying some food throughout the day, so make sure you are germ-free when those cheesy chips come calling!

A decent bag! 

Lastly, make sure you put it all in a decent bag! You will be carrying it around all day so don’t take a bag which weighs a ton, rubs or doesn’t close properly. You want to be comfortable and not have to worry about your stuff, you have more important and fun things to concentrate on!