Having done Bournemouth 7’s Festival multiple times, I thought I would mix it up and add some boujis bliss to my festival experience. I did glamping at Bournemouth 7’s Festival with my netball girls. In the past (having been a student at Bournemouth University) I have always had a house to stay at for the festival.

Now don’t be fooled, I am not one of those girls that normally sip champagne from the comfort of a VIP area, whilst my photographer and stylist work their magic making me look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel (I wish) – I camp with everyone else, use those yucky portaloos and drink warm cider out of a can. But glamping at Bournemouth 7’s was the same price as a hotel and so we thought… why not?!

Arriving at Bournemouth 7’s


I drove down to Bournemouth after work on Friday with a few of the girls, and although traffic was horrendous in London, we actually flew through Bournemouth with very little trouble. After parking the car, making our way to the entrance, had our bags searched and collected our festival wristbands, we walked round to the Glamping campsite where we were met by a lovely group of lads who showed us to our pre-assigned Tee-Pee and even helped us carry our bags!

The Glamping at Bournemouth 7’s Festival – Accomodation

Glamping tents were lovely although a little basic. The beds were just an air mattress with a duvet and a pillow, however, the tents themselves were lovely and definitely big enough for 5 people. They were really spacious and tall inside, even someone of 6ft could stand in the middle without a problem. They had carpet on the floor and all the tents had fairy lights on the outside and up the internal poll. Although the lights didn’t provide a huge amount of light, they did mean that you could rummage around at night without falling over things or people! What I found interesting though was that the tee-pees didn’t get as hot as normal tents in the mornings! – Definitely a plus point!!

There was plenty of space between the tents too, so you didn’t feel like you were on top of your neighbour which was great. We took picnic rugs and blankets and sat outside the tents during the day to even out some of those dodgy tan lines.

The other thing which liked about the glamping site was that it was a lot quieter than the normal campsite. Being slightly more tucked away, and with the tents being big enough to sit in, there were fewer people sitting around outside their tent at night which meant noise was kept to a minimum.


The Facilities

Glamping had separate toilets and hot showers which were much, much nicer than those in the normal campsite or in the main arena. Showers were actually really good, they had an area inside to leave towels and clothes so you can change and not worry about a wardrobe malfunction in front of a queue of campers. Each shower area had a sink inside the cubicle as well which meant you could brush your teeth without having to join yet another queue somewhere else. To be expected, the longest queue for the showers was in the mornings, however in the middle of the day between playing sport and getting back to the festival, there was no queue at all!

There was also a vanity area with phone charging points within the glamping campsite which had mirrors and hairdryers which was great for a post-sport pamper. Although the vanity area was pretty basic, it was a nice touch. My only small niggle was that the vanity area wasn’t particularly well kept. Table cloths within minutes were covered in makeup and I think should really have been replaced daily to keep it looking ‘luxury’ and clean.

At the entrance to the Glamping area there were campsite managers on hand during the day should you need help with anything which was a nice touch. A couple of the girls needed their air mattresses re-pumping halfway through the festival and they got this done without any issues. Thank you to the aptly named ‘Mattress Matt’ who frequently asked ‘how hard do we want it?’… those air beds were always on point!

Is it worth it?

YES! I think glamping was well worth the money. The ease of not having to worry about taxis home in the evening, finding a camping spot on day one, carrying heavy camping equipment, and the fact that the tents and facilities were actually really nice, was enough for me to think it’s worth the money!

I know I speak for myself and all my netball girls when I say – ‘Bournemouth 7’s, we will be back next year, glamping and ready for a fab weekend as always!’


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