Flower crowns are pretty much a festival staple these days, coming in all sorts of styles, colours, and sizes with some even lighting up! Buying them ready-made at a festival or even online can cost a fortune. Why not save yourself some money and use a little creative thinking plus a few basic materials, they can be made really, really easily – See how yo make a festival flower crown with my simple steps below.

Every year I seem to buy a flower crown, and I always think afterward ‘I could have made this’. So this year, I decided to get creative and make a flower crown myself. They are really easy to make and so much more personal than a shop-bought one.

Although I had a pretty good idea what to do, I did what everyone does and went straight to Youtube to see what materials I needed and how others had made them. Every video I watched showed them being made slightly differently so I thought I would collate all the best tips and techniques I had come across into one simple ‘how to’ post. 


  • Thick Craft Wire – This can be bought at most craft shops, haberdasheries or Amazon. 
  • Thin Green Wire – This can be found in craft shops or even gardening centers. 
  • Green Florist’s Tape – This can be bought at most florists or at Amazon.
  • Artificial Flowers – I know fresh flowers look lovely and smell fantastic, however, they are expensive and will wilt very quickly. I would buy bunches or single-stem artificial flowers from places like Wilko, Marks & Spencer or Amazon depending on your budget.
  • Scissors


  1. Take your craft wire and wrap it around your head to see how much wire you will need to fit your head. Make sure it’s not too tight as you need to leave space for your flowers and greenery. 
  2. Once you have done this cut the wire and twist the ends together so that the wire forms a neat circle. 
  3. Wrap the wire circle in your green florist’s tape until the whole circle is covered to hide the wire.
  4. Take your artificial flowers and remove the flower head from the stem, cut the head off leaving about 1cm of the stem beneath the flower head to make it easier to attach to the wire circle. Also, make sure you keep the rest of the stem and any leaves as these are great to bulk out the flower crown or cover any gaps between flowers. 
  5. Next, attach your flowers to the wire circle in any order you like. Place your first flower on the headband and use the green florist’s tape to attach it to the wire circle.
  6. Twist any excess tape around the wire circle so that it creates a tight hold and looks tidy.
  7. If your flowers don’t have enough of a stem or don’t have a stem at all, use your thin green wire to create a stem. First, pierce the center of the flower with the wire, take the end that has gone through the flower and loop it back down to meet the other end and twist the ends together. The wire will be so thin and hidden by the petals that you won’t see it. 
  8. Take the flower with the green wire stem you have just created, place it where you want on the headband, and twist the wire neatly around the circle to attach it, then cover the exposed wire with your green florist tape.
  9. Keep adding flowers until the whole crown is covered. If you have any unsightly gaps, don’t worry, use some of the leaves to fill in the empty sections. Just pierce the leaves with the green wire to create a stem and then wrap the green wire around your flower crown.
  10. Lastly, cover any exposed wire with the florist’s tape to make it neat and tidy.

And that’s it! Super simple and can be done on any budget. Plus the satisfaction of making it yourself is second to none!


Sophie – TFB