Festivals are a mecca for the bold and the beautiful when it comes to makeup. So by now you have planned all your outfits for the weekend, the next thing is makeup… what do you take with you? How can you make it last all day? How can you get that ‘I haven’t even tried’ look or how much glitter can I really get away with? My festival makeup routine is both easy and not crazy expensive, so have a read of my Foolproof Festival Makeup Guide and enjoy!

The Base

A light AND breathable base is the key at a festival! Plus, make sure your foundation contains an SPF as you’re likely to be out and about all day.

Before i think about foundation, I apply a Mac primer to re-hydrate my skin and ensure that my foundation will last all day. My skin is notoriously dry day-to-day and at a festival it can be even worse! Primer ensures a smooth and hydrated base for my foundation!

After primer, I apply my Armani Luminous Silk liquid foundation as my base foundation, only applying a small amount to keep the coverage quite light. This is a rather expensive product retailing for about £37.50, however, a little goes a long way and so a bottle will last a long time!

After my foundation I apply a small amount of Mac Concealer on any areas which need that little bit of extra coverage. Usually between my brows and around/under my eyes.

Next, I use either my Chanel Crème bronzer or my basic Rimmel bronzing powder to warm up my face and add some VERY LIGHT contour to my cheekbones, jawline, and temples. The reason I say either of them is it depends which festival. For longer ones or ones which require more walking/carrying like Glastonbury, Tomorrowland etc, I take a powder which is lighter and less expensive. For day festivals or 1-nighters I will take something a little nicer. Then I move onto highlight.

For highlight, I use a Make Up Academy (MUA) liquid highlight just to add some brightness and that extra little glow to my face.

FYI > Both the Rimmel Bronzer and Highlight are under £7 each and so are really inexpensive!

Eyes and Brows

Eyes for me are rather simple – or have become more simple since I started getting eyelash extensions. Previously I would wear Waterproof Mascara, but I HATE mascara. It never comes off totally and you always end up with panda eyes and little clumps the next day. I can’t recommend lash extensions enough!

I do tend to wear a small amount of Chanel Kohl eyeliner on my lower waterline along with heaps of glitter if I am feeling snazzy!

For brows – I use a cheap as chips eyebrow pencil by MUA, it cost me £1 and it’s amazing. I tread lightly when it comes to filling my brows as I have got thick hair anyway and don’t want two huge caterpillars on my face!

Final Step – Setting Spray

Lastly, to set everything in place and keep it from sweating off, I use a Mac setting spray. Again, not a super cheap product as it’s by Mac, but a couple of sprays is all you need to cover your whole face and it really does work AMAZINGLY well – So I can dance all festival long without a second thought.

Get your Glitter on!

Instagram is now full of sassy, glittery festival photos and I must admit… I bloody love a bit of glitter at a festival. It’s the perfect way to accessorize or jazz up an outfit and even hide those dark circles from tired eyes.

My magic tip for applying glitter… Vaseline and a Q-Tip!

Apply the Vaseline onto the area you want to add your sparkle to with a Q-Tip, then dip the same Q-tip into your glitter pot and gently tap and roll the glitter onto your skin. Once you have applied your glitter, use a makeup setting spray to hold it all in place.

If you really want to be sure it’s going to stick all festival long – Peel Off Glitter Glue by Shrine is AMAZING stuff. You apply it under your glitter (instead of Vaseline) and at the end of the night, you can peel it off in one go to make glitter removal that little bit easier!

Whether you are heading off to a local festival or jet-setting across the world, get creative and add a little sparkle to your festival makeup routine!

Festival Makeup Tips

Tip #1

I’m not a makeup expert and I am not ashamed to say I always watch videos on YouTube for how to do certain makeup looks, I mean it’s how I learned to contour and do winged eyeliner! In saying that, videos on YouTube always tend to use a HUGE list of products, and most cost a fortune or are harder to get your hands on in normal high-street stores. I get pretty much all my makeup from Boots, John Lewis or Look Fantastic online store.

Tip #2

When you are packing for a festival, don’t forget to pack a proper mirror! Sounds obvious but the amount of people I see using their phone camera to apply their makeup is hilarious. I always pack my Magic Mirror that is foldable in a way that means it can be used on your lap, on a table-top or even full length when unfolded and hung from a tent pole. Plus, it’s not made from glass so should not be confiscated on arrival by security!

Tip #3

Taking off your makeup is just as important as putting it on. Waking up in your night-before-makeup is such a horrible feeling and it’s so bad for your skin. Plus, if you have gone mad with the glitter, your pillow or that hoodie you chucked on in the night will be covered in sparkles. I either use Simple Micellar Water and a cotton pad or Simple makeup wipes to get rid of all my makeup before I go to sleep… trust me it’s worth it!

I would love to see all your makeup looks so please use #ThatFestivalBlogger on Instagram so I can get inspired and see your fab festival makeup!


Sophie – TFB