Foolproof Festival Makeup Guide

Festivals are a mecca for the bold and the beautiful when it comes to makeup. So you have planned all your outfits for the weekend, next thing is makeup… what do you take with you? How can you make it last all day? How can you get that ‘I haven’t even tried’ look or how much glitter can I really get away with? My festival makeup routine is both easy and inexpensive, so have a read and enjoy!


The Base

A light, breathable base is the key at a festival and make sure your foundation contains an SPF as your likely to be out and about all day.

First I apply a primer to re-hydrate my skin and ensure that my foundation will last all day. Then I use Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Foundation in Nude as my base foundation, only applying a small amount to keep the coverage quite light. Next (and this is my only luxury makeup product I indulge in) I use Chanel Matt Lumiere Compact Powder in shade 80 Contour. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! It’s very light and a little goes a long way, plus using the powder over the liquid foundation sets it and it lasts twice as long.

I then use my Revolution Contour Pallet and add some contour and highlight to my face. My contour kit cost £8 and is fab, it’s powder so again, nice and light and easy to blend.

Eyes and Brows

As I don’t tend to wear a lot of foundation or lipstick at a festival, I concentrate much more on my eye makeup. I use Maybeline Khol pencil eyeliner on my waterline and a BarryM liquid eyeliner on my eyelids. I then I apply my mascara, waterproof of course!

I use a cheap as chips eyebrow pencil by MUA, it cost me £1 and its amazing. I tread lightly when it comes to filling my brows as I don’t want two huge caterpillars on my face!

After I have applied all my makeup I use a makeup setting spray to set my makeup, ensuring it will last as long as me at a festival.

Get your Glitter on!


Instagram is now full of sassy, glittery festival photos and I must admit… I bloody love a bit of glitter at a festival. It’s the perfect way to accessorize or jazz up an outfit and even hide those dark circles from tired eyes.

My magic tip for applying glitter… Vaseline and a Q-Tip!

Apply the Vaseline onto the area you want to add your sparkle to with a Q-Tip, then dip the same Q-tip into your glitter pot and gently tap and roll the glitter onto your skin. Once you have applied your glitter, use a makeup setting spray to hold it all in place.

Whether you are heading off to a local festival of jet setting across the world, get creative and add a little sparkle to your festival makeup routine!


I’m no makeup expert and I am not ashamed to say I always watch videos on YouTube for how to do certain makeup looks, I mean it’s how I learnt to contour and do winged eyeliner! I have found two of my favourite YouTube tutorials on festival makeup to help you achieve your fave looks. But don’t think that you need to go out and spend all your money on expensive products, I get pretty much all my makeup from high street stores and it works just as well.

Don’t forget to pack a proper mirror! Sounds obvious but the amount of people I see using their phone camera to apply their makeup is hilarious. I always pack a mirror which has a stand that I can either place on a table or hold between my legs so that I have both hands free to do my makeup.

Taking off your makeup is just as important as putting it on. Waking up in your night-before-makeup is such a horrible feeling and it’s so bad for your skin. Plus, if you have gone mad with the glitter, your pillow or that hoodie you chucked on in the night will be covered in sparkles. I either use Micellar Water and a cotton pad or good old fashioned makeup wipes to get rid of all my makeup before I go to sleep… trust me its worth it!

I would love to see all your makeup looks so please use #ThatFestivalBlogger on Instagram so I can get inspired and see your fab festival makeup!