Polzeath is a beautiful part of the Cornish coastline in the UK. It has a sandy beach, fantastic surfing, great cafés and restaurants and absolutely stunning scenery; it really is perfect for a British summer holiday.

Every summer since I can remember I have gone to New Polzeath in Cornwall without fail. It brings back happy memories of clotted cream ice cream, surfing until my lips went blue, salty hair and family games of monopoly.

Head to the beach

Polzeath has a beautiful sand beach which I spent many a younger year packing into sandcastles, and in more recent years, lying on to soak in the British sunshine. The beach is surrounded by rock pools, beautiful cliff-side houses and an array of shops, cafés, and bars.

I have spent many evenings sitting on the sand enjoying a beach BBQ, playing unregulated games of rounders or cricket, and even a beer or two with family and friends. Doing all that whilst looking out onto a view which rivals any other, really can’t be beaten.

The year after I graduated university my godparents threw a beach party for me. They had made an enormous paella, mounted a congratulations banner to the side of a cave, and lined the beach with flaming torches, it was fabulous!

Eat At The Cracking Crab

Polzeath has a great selection of cafés, bars, and restaurants. One restaurant which I love going to is The Cracking Crab. As you guessed from the name, it’s a lovely seafood restaurant and seaside style café overlooking the beach. The food is reasonably priced and delicious! Can you get any more Cornish than eating a freshly caught crab, with a glass of wine looking out onto a Cornish sunset?

Go Surfing

One of my favourite things to do in Cornwall is Surf! I learnt to surf when I was a child and immediately caught the surfing bug. I had lessons every year with a company called Wave Hunters Surf School and since my initial lesson have gone back year after year to take their more advanced classes.

Even in summer, the sea in Polzeath is freezing. I see people (absolutely bonkers people) run straight into waves in nothing more than a swimming costume! It makes me shiver just thinking about it. I on the other hand, wear a winter wetsuit all year round. I bought mine from Ann’s Cottage surf shop in Polzeath 4 years ago, and it’s still going strong! They are not the most flattering or easy item of clothing to put on or take off; however, I certainly wouldn’t surf without one.

Go On A Walk

It’s not just the beach that’s lovely, Polzeath has some beautiful walks and cycling routes. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted as they are not easy to conquer, but the reward at the top is a stunning coastal view.

Polzeath always has and always will be a very special place for me. I recommend it as a weekend away or holiday destination to anyone looking for a typically British, fun and memorable summer holiday.

Sophie – TFB