My favourite festival snack!

These are my absolute festival must-have snacks… I would not pack my cool bag without these bad boys! My Festival Food: Vegan Energy Balls Recipe is packed full of protein, healthy fats and goodness they are the perfect healthy snack to take along with you to a festival. Read all about my Top 5 Tips to Healthy eating at a festival.


500g Stoned Dates (Or Apricots if you don’t like dates)
3 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Large scoop of Diet Whey Protein Powder (Mine is Chocolate flavour by PhD Nutrition)
3 Tbsp Coconut Oil

3 Tbsp Cacao Powder
1 Tsp Orange Essence ( Optional)
150g Almonds
150g Walnuts 
100g Pecans
Desiccated Coconut (to roll the balls in at the end)


  • First place almonds, walnuts and pecans in a blender (I use a Nutribullet) until very finely chopped, to almost a flour-like consistency.
  • Place the finely chopped nuts into a large bowl ready for mixing.
  • Put the dates (or apricots) into the blender and blend until they form a sticky paste and add to the chopped nuts.
  • Add the coconut oil, cacao powder, orange essence, chia seeds and protein powder to the nuts and dates in the bowl. 
  • With your hands (washed of course…) mix, scrunch and bind all the ingredients together until they are totally combined and slightly sticky. If the mixture is too dry and isn’t holding together add a small amount of water.
  • Section the combined mixture and roll into golf ball-sized balls. TOP TIP – wet your hands slightly to stop the mixture sticking to your fingers! 
  • Sprinkle the desecrated coconut onto a plate and roll each energy ball in the coconut until it is lightly coated.

Chill in the fridge and Enjoy!! 

All of my ingredients (apart from the Protein Powder) are bought from Aldi

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