My First Post Of Many

Have you ever wanted to know what a festival is really like, without all the VIP treatment? 

Are you wanting to explore the world but have no clue where to go first?

Maybe you’re a festival virgin and just want some tips and advice before taking the plunge and booking your first festival?

Well, whatever it is I want to help! Ask me questions, check out my blog, look at my pictures and get inspired!

Where it all begins…

As we say goodbye to another year I felt it was about time that I finally started something I have wanted to for ages. A blog all about festivals and travel!

However, this isn’t just another blog where you hear about a festival where someone did it glamping in a £2000 boutique Tepee, sipping free champagne from the comfort of the VIP area, in a pair of designer wellies which have never seen mud, or where every item in the post is a #Ad. This is a blog for real people, on a realistic budget who want to go on a real adventure.

I wanted to start a blog writing about my passion for festivals and travelling to give advice, tips and tricks as well as share insight into some amazing places and experiences which everyone, even those on a shoestring budget could follow.

So many festivals these days cost a fortune, or I should say, so many people go to festivals and spend a fortune. I have always done festivals the ‘regular’ way. Camping in a tent with the masses and taking an enormous backpack which looks like I am about to embark on the Duke of Edinburgh Award; however, I have always loved doing it that way!

So let’s dream big and spend small together and see where the next year takes us!


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