La Plagne

Skiing really is truly sensational, it’s unlike any other trip I have ever been on. From the incredible scenery to brilliant bars, exhilarating sport to calm surroundings it is definitely something I will keep coming back to for the rest of my life.

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Wilderness Festival

This is truly what festival heaven looks like… In 2015 I went to Wilderness Festival with my friend Hannah, and it was everything and more than we thought it would be! The festival takes place in August at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire and has everything from music to yoga, stand-up comedy to mindfulness, crafts to hunting…

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My First Post Of Many

Have you ever wanted to know what a festival is really like, without all the VIP treatment? 

Are you wanting to explore the world but have no clue where to go first?

Maybe you’re a festival virgin and just want some tips and advice before taking the plunge and booking your first festival?

Well, whatever it is I want to help! Ask me questions, check out my blog, look at my pictures and get inspiration!

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